12X Zoomable Microscope Series

With Coaxial illumination port and 3mm fine focus

*NA at high-mag - NA varies with zoom settings
Combinations indicated with a " -" are not recommended for 2/3" imagers
(1) Zoom setting at 1.5X
(2) Zoom setting at 1.0X
Since the above configurations are modular, users may setup one baseline configuration and switch between different adapters and/or objectives. Please contact us for assistance in leveraging the flexibility of these modular systems.

A system with the desired performance can be identified via the “series” table. The Working Distance can be selected directly from the table and the FOV for a particular optical format of the camera uniquely identifies the optimal combination. The table also shows the estimated performance [FOV, limiting resolution and system magnification] of the combination.

The recommended configuration is shown as a single part number for procurement. This part number represents the combination of components that can be easily screwed together (as shown on the assembly sketch) to assemble a C-mount compatible system.

C-mount compatible CMOS and sCMOS Cameras may be ordered separately.